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Related industries have introduced policies to promote the development of robots
2017-6-30 12:00:58
Learned from multiple authoritative sources, before, in order to promote the healthy development of China's robot industry, the Ministry and other ministries will continue to introduce a series of measures to promote the development of the follow-up industry. According to the deployment of the Ministry of industry, the next stage of promoting policy will address two key issues: one is to promote the development of the robotics industry towards the end of two, is to regulate market order, to prevent the disorderly development of the robot industry.  

In April 6, 2016, the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "robot industry development plan (2016-2020)", "13th Five-Year" period of China's robot industry development make an overall plan, and the requirements of China's relatively perfect industrial robot system formed in 5 years. According to Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry, at present, China's robot industry has a good momentum of development. In 2016, the output of industrial robots has reached 72 thousand and 400 units, an increase of 34.3%. At the same time, the robot of more than 800 enterprises, related products and service robots have been used in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, shipbuilding, mining, medical surgery, rehabilitation, catering, consumption, fire protection, public services and other areas.  

According to reports, in order to further promote the healthy development of the robot industry, the future measures will focus mainly on two key points. First is to promote the robot industry toward high-end. To this end, the Ministry will further integrate the advanced rate of industrial innovation resources, promote the establishment of a robot innovation center, enhance the innovation ability; will focus on supporting the key parts of the robot industry quality and reliable performance, to further consolidate the foundation of industrial development; to promote the application of the robot will carry out pilot demonstration. To promote the application of robots in the emerging industries and traditional manufacturing industries, and further implement the guidelines for the development of manufacturing talents, and increase the training of robot professionals.  

Secondly, in the aspect of industry disorderly development, the Ministry said, to strengthen planning guidance, to further strengthen the scientific development and rational development; to develop industry standards notice the implementation of management of industrial robots as soon as possible to further improve the access threshold, standardize the market competition order; promote the robot industry organization construction, establish conducive to research and development, innovation and fair competition the rules of the industry, strengthen self-discipline, accelerate the improvement of testing and certificationplatformTo do a good job in the industry standard system revision, and further promote the certification and evaluation system of robots and key components.  

Reporters from the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee was informed that, in order to promote the healthy development of the robot industry, the next stage in China will be launched four major demonstration projects, including: the key components of robot development and application demonstration projects, industrial robot core research and application demonstration project, service robot and robot technology research and demonstration project of talent cultivation demonstration project.  

According to the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee forecast that by 2020, China's industrial robot sales will exceed 150 thousand units, the amount of 800 thousand units. Then, a new generation of robot information technology will make a breakthrough, is expected to produce 2 to 3 with an annual output of more than 000, the industrial scale of more than ten billion yuan, with the international competitiveness of industry leading enterprises, and create 5 to 8 robots supporting industry clusters.  

Many industry sources told reporters that the current major industrial robots market price of 150 thousand to 500 thousand yuan per unit, and some high-end industrial robots will reach the market price of one million yuan level. If for each 200 thousand yuan, is expected to 2020, China's industrial robot total sales will reach 45 billion yuan, plus other service robot, the robot industry sales are expected to exceed 50 billion yuan.  

According to statistics from the Ministry of industry and commerce, more than 20 provinces and cities in China have been developing and developing robots as key industries. In recent years, the rapid development of robot industry, the country have been built and the robot industrial park more than 40, a short period of time, the number of robot enterprises more than 800, has laid the foundation for the future development of the industry.  

But the Ministry also stressed that there are still problems in the robot industry in china. The Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei, vice minister Xin Guobin, repeatedly pointed out that in the independent brand and key technologies, our robots, especially industrial robots are still some low-end products, the supply capacity of more than 6 axis robot joint is relatively low. Therefore, the robot industry exists high-end industry low-end and low-end products overcapacity risk.  

In this regard, the Ministry said, the Ministry is and the various provinces and cities, including the robot industry alliance to strengthen communication and exchanges, in accordance with the overall arrangements and requirements China manufacturing 2025 ", established two provinces difference implementation guide. In addition, the Ministry of industry is stepping up the development of industrial robots access conditions, hoping to improve the industry access threshold and a series of policies and measures to promote the robotics industry scientific, rational and healthy development.

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